Accelerate Fast Track


The 90 day coaching program that will allow you to reach your goals more quickly with less effort.

  • Are you frustrated because you’re working hard and still not seeing the progress you desire?
  • Are you busy but still feel like something is somehow missing?
  • And if you could just discover that missing ingredient then your life would be easier?

Then Accelerate is for you!

In Accelerate, you will discover the 3-step process that increases your focus so you can achieve your dreams.  Each week, you’ll receive a short video with a coaching tool that you can put into action immediately to eliminate all the obstacles standing in the way of your goals.

Some of the tools you’ll add to your belt are:

  • The 2G Blindspot Eliminator™:  Eliminate your blindspots so you accomplish more in less time.
  • The 2x2x2 Feedback Formula™:  Discover the behaviors that are hindering you from making measurable progress.
  • The Creative Mindset™:  Discover the fastest way to generate fresh ideas.
  • The Ultimate Response Formula™: Create a sense of urgency everyday.
  • The Drama-Free Question Matrix™:  Two formulas that cause you to think at a higher level.
  • The Creative Focuser™:  The daily habit that helps you prioritize and focus.

I know exactly what it feels like; I was working hard and I wasn’t making the progress I desired.  I was frustrated.  After spending time and money chasing bright, shiny objects, I discovered my goals were easier to achieve if I could master this simple 3-step process. 

Those 3 steps have been divided into 3 modules.  Each week, you’ll receive a new tool that will help you:

Be Aware:  If you can’t see it, you can’t change it. 

You’ll learn 4 coaching techniques that increase awareness, so you make the changes necessary to succeed.

Increase Responsibility:  You can't change what you refuse to own.

You’ll discover the 4 formulas to developing a creative mindset.

Sustain Focus:  Increase your focus, increase your results.

You’ll learn the 4 tools that increase your daily concentration and motivation to push past every challenge that stands in your way.

Each week you will receive:

  • A coaching video that teaches you a tool to increase your focus.
  • Each coaching video comes with a practical guide, so you can immediately put the tool you learned into action.

Added Bonus:  Once you receive all 12 coaching tools, you have lifetime access to the program.  You can go back to the tools again and again as you continue to achieve greater levels of success.

Are you ready to increase your personal power?  Are you ready to take your life to the next level?  Invest in yourself, by joining the Accelerate Coaching Program and we’ll make journey together.  You can do it!



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