How To Identifying Goals, Passions, and Struggles Within Your Team

 (Without Wasting Time Trying To Guess Yourself or Getting Bogged Down with Inconclusive Assessments)

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When it comes to retention, the key is retaining your employees in the way they want to be retained.

To do that, you must understand their Emotional GPS, the guidepost that drives everything they do.

By understanding their Goals, Passions, and Struggles, you can provide the kind of leadership they need to find fulfillment in their role.

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Discover the Key to Retention in 3 Quick Steps


Everyone has goals. Your team members show up each day for a reason. Do you know what that reason is? It's time to discover your team's goals and dreams. 


If you want to win your team's hands, you first have to win their hearts. What are they passionate about? What brings them joy? This is a major key to retention.


Get specific about the challenges and obstacles coming toward your team member. What are their top struggles and how can they take action this week?

The Best Leaders Are Transformational, Not Just Transactional

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." 

Retention skyrockets for leaders who understand the internal motivations of their team.

Transformational leaders care more about who someone is becoming instead of just what they do. That's why you need to discover the GPS (Goals, Passions, and Struggles) of your team. 

The GPS Framework™ is your formula to make it happen.

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