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The Benefits of the Companion Workbook

The truth about this course is that you will get out of it what you put into it. The more focused you become on applying these concepts to your own life, the more change you can create. 

By answering the questions contained in this workbook, you will put this content into your context. As a result, you’ll get the most out of this course. 

The companion workbook not only includes thought provoking prompts, but it also includes bonus content to help you immerse yourself in the course and implement this knowledge into your own life immediately. Add it today for just $27.


You are one step away from transforming your life and relationships.

 What is Emotionally Intelligent? 

Do you find yourself so frustrated that you want to pull your hair out? Are you struggling to get everyone on the same page to save time and energy? Have you ever lashed out at your team or family because you’re under so much pressure? 

This course is a comprehensive, five-part program specifically designed for people like you. 

With engaging lessons and practical resources, the course will equip you with the tools and techniques to regain control over your emotions and become more resilient in every area of life. 

Once you complete the course, you know how to:

  • Avoid blowing up on your team during high-pressure situations by learning to stay calm during a crisis.
  • Cut down on negative misinterpretations, energy-sucking drama, and wasted time by communicating your thoughts effectively to those around you. 
  • Tap into the power of frustration and stress instead of letting it consume you. 
  • Minimize defensiveness and endless blaming by learning how to create a culture of feedback, collaboration, and creativity. 
  • Reclaim the joy and fulfillment in your role that you’ve lost sight of in the midst of overwhelm and stressful responsibilities. 
  • Get honest feedback from others so you can identify your blind spots and overcome weaknesses you can’t see. 
  • Cut out gossip and second guessing on your team by helping others navigate transitions in healthy ways. 
  • Manage conflict within groups of people without sacrificing a positive relationship or reputation. 

It’s time to get off the emotional roller coaster of stress, frustration, and drama. Rediscover clarity, peace of mind, and focus. A better life starts with a better you, and mastering emotional intelligence is the first step to changing everything. Enroll in the course and get started today. 

Here’s What You’ll Get: 

  • 25+ practical lessons and frameworks on emotional intelligence, internal narratives, external communication, the key to commitment, and more.  
  • 5 Downloadable Action Guides with practical steps you can take immediately to implement the skills you discover and start shifting the way you manage your emotions. 
  • On-Demand Access to Emotionally Intelligent so you can review the skills whenever you need them. 

Course Add-On: Workbook

For only $27, add the Emotionally Intelligent workbook to your purchase and apply this content to your specific situations. The workbook will help you dive deeper into the concepts of leading through the stress, becoming less reactive and more interactive, and harnessing the energy of your emotions. 

You’ll get out of this course what you put into it, so invest the time and energy to thoughtfully engage and start transforming your interactions today.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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